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Drug cartel beheading chainsaw video, Pictures of chainsaw massacre

15th Architectural Humanities Research Association International Conference

Department of the Built Environment, TU Eindhoven

Drug cartel beheading chainsaw video, Pictures of chainsaw massacre

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drug cartel beheading chainsaw video rating
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Video from Mexico shows a drug cartel beheading a rival. The bulge in the underpants is pretty effed up. As is typical of Mexican drug cartel, the beheading was messy ... Mexican Drug Cartel Execution – Penis and Balls Cut Off Before Beheading at Best Gore. Incredibly Graphic Video, Image and Movie Galleries of Blood. New, horrific footage shows members of a Mexican drug cartel beheading hostages from a rival gang, marking the latest act of violence in the growing war over drug ... Men with the letter Z on their chests, allegedly associated with the Mexican Zetas drug cartel, are prepped for beheading in this video still. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. A video that shows the beheading of American Steven Sotloff was delivered as a "second message to America" to halt airstrikes in Iraq Los Zetas Interrogate and Decapitate a Sicario of Comandante Diablo (Gulf Cartel) By Admin; 6 August, 2013; No Comments . Warning: Video displays images of extreme ... A ghastly, graphic video depicting CDG executing and dismembering five Zeta members. The five victims comprised of three men and two women. The video was sent to the ...

Mexican drug cartels continue to fascinate the minds of Americans who tend to idolize outlaw gunmen with fast cash best electric chainsaw sharpener fancy cars, guns and women. However, few realize ... Mexican soldiers demonstrate how to "clean" a Mexican drug dealer.