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V8 chainsaw, Chainsaw services

15th Architectural Humanities Research Association International Conference

Department of the Built Environment, TU Eindhoven

V8 chainsaw, Chainsaw services

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V8 Chainsaw Built in Australia made by Whitlands Engineering, North East Victoria, Australia. This is a monster V8 chainsaw cutting through a huge log in seconds. The V8 chainsaw will tackle anything that can be chopped at the campsite. See this brute in action as it take two strong men just to operate it. It is huge. Whitlands Engineering, a specialist manufacturer of woodcutters and firewood processors in Australia, shows off their custom V8 powered chainsaw capable of cutting ... Oh, you have a two stroke chainsaw huh? Think it's cool, do ya? Well, we see your little two-stroke and raise you a 4.1-liter V8 chainsaw. David Burder, a self-confessed rev-head from Whitlands in rural northeast Victoria, has built his own one-man chainsaw powered by a V8 engine salvaged from a 1979 ... Paul Bunyan, eat your heart out! If there is one thing we love here at its anything overpowered! This 253 ci V8 Chainsaw definitely fits the profile! This Australian V8 Chainsaw Is BADASS! If you have a tree that needs to be made easy work of, then boy have we found the tool for you. This gem was hiding This may be the only chainsaw you’ll ever need! Oh, you have a two-stroke chainsaw huh? Think it’s cool, do ya? Well, we see your little two-stroke and raise you ...