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AHRA: Chair of the AHRA Conferences & Symposia Sub-Committee

Call for Expressions of Interest: Deadline 21 April 2023.

Further questions Email Tilo Amhoff

The Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA) is looking for a new Chair for the Conference and Symposia Sub-Committee for a term of three years, from April 2023 to April 2026. The Chair of the AHRA Conference and Symposia Sub-Committee should ensure that the responsibilities of the sub-committee, listed below, are carried out. These responsibilities can be shared between members of the sub-committee on a rolling basis.

We recommend that the sub-committee will meet independently before each AHRA Steering Group Meeting (currently three per year, held in January, April, and September). It is the chair’s role to co-ordinate the sub-committee meetings, which can be online, in person, or hybrid. The Chair to report on conference business to the AHRA Steering Committee at its meetings, and to liaise with the AHRA Chair on a regular basis.

Responsibilities of the AHRA Conferences & Symposia Sub-Committee

There are two regular annual events that the AHRA Conference and Symposia Sub-Committee oversees:

AHRA International Conference, held annually in November

AHRA Research Student Symposium, held annually in April

In advance of these events, the Sub-Committee should:

  • Ensure that a hosting institution has been identified for these events, ideally at least 2 years in advance, sending out a ‘Call for Expressions of Interest’ every two years
  • Work with AHRA steering group to finalise the Call for Papers for each
  • Establish a pre-conference timetable for each (deadlines for Call for Papers launch, selection of papers, etc.) and liaise with upcoming Conference Organising Teams from each hosting institution to ensure that it is adhered to
  • Check that a viable budget has been agreed within the host institution
  • Establish a link between the current Conference Organising Team and the previous one, so lessons learned can be passed on
  • Provide link between AHRA Steering Group and Conference Organising Team to offer help with the organisation and running of the events
  • Ensure that Conference Organising Teams are in touch with Routledge Book Series editor, Architecture and Culture editors, and the AHRA Website and Social Media administrators

During these events, the Sub-Committee should:

  • Ensure an AHRA presence at the Research Student Conference
  • Ensure that the AHRA International Conference timetable includes the launch for the following year’s Conference
  • Act as a point of contact for inquiries related to AHRA

After these events, the Sub-Committee should:

  • Archive a copy of the conference Call for Papers, timetable of events, and budget
  • Request from the Conference Organising Team a short reflection on the conference (What went well? What would they have done differently?).

Information to be maintained by the Sub-Committee:

  • An up-to-date copy of the Conference Guidelines for each conference
  • An up-to-date list of contacts (Website Manager, Routledge Book Series Editor, Architecture and Culture editors)
  • An accessible archive of previous conference material: Call for Papers, conference timetable, budget and reflection

Any other: The Sub-Committee may wish to initiate other events in consultation with the AHRA Steering Group.

If you have any further questions about the role, please get in touch with the Chair of AHRA Tilo Amhoff (

Please submit your Expression of Interest to Tilo Amhoff ( by

Please send your application to Tilo Amhoff ( no later than the 21 April 2023.