The next AHRA International Conference

Designing Urban Universities conference

Call for papers: Deadline 20 January 2023

Thu 22 Jun—Sat 24 Jun 2023

Trinity College Dublin

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There is a growing dissonance between the urban university as often perceived—its physical, architectural, and emblematic form, its legacy structures and spaces, its time-honoured functions and traditions—and the university as a knowledge factory within the city, subject to political, commercial, and environmental pressures. But this is not a new dissonance. Architectural and design histories can uncover how such dissonances have often shaped the urban university.

This three-day conference, hosted by the Department of History of Art and Architecture at Trinity College Dublin, will therefore debate the architectural and design histories of urban universities through their buildings in correlation to changes in urban planning and design, materials and resources, professions and trades, the methods and media of pedagogy, the design of curricula, and sources of funding and investment.

The organizers welcome contributions on all aspects of the architectural and design histories of urban universities, especially but not limited to the following questions:

* How the design of urban universities has produced and disseminated knowledge, directed research, or supported new curricula.

* How we might rethink the architecture and design of urban universities to include, for example, the infrastructures, material culture, and media of knowledge production.

* How urban universities have conserved, developed, or adapted their historic buildings and grounds.

* How planning strategies have influenced or been impeded by the design of universities and the relationship with their host cities.

* How urban universities have interacted with and affected the neighbouring city and its the communities.

* How urban universities have acted as planners, employers, landlords, or property developers in their host cities.

Our keynote speakers are Shelly McNamara and Yvonne Farrell from Grafton Architects, and Reinhold Martin, Professor of Architecture in the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University, and Director of the Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture.

The organisers are: Drs Timothy Stott, Maria Elisa Navarro Morales, and Christopher Cowell.

Please submit an abstract of 250 words (for a 20-minute paper) to by 5pm (GMT) on Friday 20 January 2023.